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Program Overview

Academic Requirements

Each student must take five core courses each trimester: communication arts (reading, writing, listening, speaking, and spelling), mathematics, science, social studies, and health enhancement (physical education and health topics).

Elective Classes

As a part of the academic program, students select elective classes to fill out their program. Over fifty elective classes provide an education in and exposure to the visual and performing arts, the work place, cultures across the globe, and the trades. If a student needs extra help in reading and/or math, he or she may be placed in Reading or Math Strategies during one of their elective periods.

Advisory/ACCESS (ACademic sucCESS)

All students are scheduled in an Advisory class Monday and Friday, and an Access class Tuesday through Thursday; these classes comprise the first thirty minutes of the school day. The purpose of Advisory is to ensure each student is understood and championed by at least one adult (the advisor) who will facilitate interactions between other students, teachers, or administrators. The Advisory teacher will help each student find ways to be successful academically and socially, and promote coordination and communication between home and school. The purpose of the Access class is to provide further literacy or math instruction, academic support and enrichment opportunities.

Middle School Libraries

Our libraries facilitate student learning throughout their middle school experience. Through academic support for core and elective subjects, technology support for individuals and research groups, reading programs, literature exploration, and a variety of academic skills development, middle school students are provided with the opportunities to be successful.

The library houses an extensive collection of titles to meet the needs and interests of middle school patrons. The online catalog provides students with the means to access material required for research, literary exploration, hobbies, and high interest topics. The library catalog homepage is a link to a variety of online sources: databases used for research, Moodle, PowerSchool, citation sources, and Interactives.

The library and staff are available for students and teachers to meet the academic, technological, social, and literary demands of middle school and prepare students for thehigh school and beyond.


The middle schools are dedicated to implementing technological tools and innovations in the classroom and the operations of the school. Staff may enter student attendance data, calculate and input grades directly to student report cards, access student schedules and other information, and send and receive e-mail. Both schools maintain web sites, and many teachers post classroom activities and upcoming events on a regular basis.

While many of our middle school students have their own computers, our school also has two computer labs, two portable computer stations, and many workstations in the library. Macintosh computers reside in both labs and classrooms, along with multiple laser printers, ink jet printers, optical scanners, digital cameras, and a CD recorder. There is a laserdisc player and a video microscope in science classrooms. Every student has access to a TI-83+ graphing calculator for use in math classes.

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