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After School Program

Students are the middle schools' greatest resource. The variety, strength, and character of the students shape the community and bring life to all that takes place at our school. In addition to our rigorous academic program, extracurricular activities round out the holistic learning experience for our students.


Athletics enjoy great popularity at Sacajawea. In our intramural/interscholastic programs, we emphasize participation, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Winning and losing are means for learning about commitment, friendship, cooperation, competition, limits, and stress. The middle schools offer:


  • Sixth grade: Intramural coed volleyball
  • Seventh and eighth grade: Girls' volleyball, boys' football


  • Sixth grade: Intramural boys' basketball and girls' basketball, wrestling
  • Seventh and eighth: Boys' basketball, girls' basketball, and wrestling


  • Sixth grade: Coed intramural track and field
  • Seventh and eighth grade: Boys' track and field, girls' track and field


A variety of clubs and activities have been offered at Sacajawea including:

Art Club MathCounts
Computer Club Newspaper Club
Debate Club Outdoor Club
Drama Club Science Olympiad
Humanitarian Club Knitting Club
Jazz Band Student Council
Lego Robotics Yearbook Club