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About Us

Sacajawea’s Vision

At Sacajawea, we are a compassionate community that honors grit and celebrates growth in order to face the future with a level head and a clear eye.

Sacajawea Belief Statements

We believe:

  • in working respectfully as a diverse group striving toward common goals;
  • academic success is grounded in content, process, and application; instruction must foster problem solving and student accountability in order to meet and exceed each student's potential;
  • enthusiastic, risk-taking teaching styles promote passion for learning;
  • students should learn, practice, and improve social skills for positive, mature, social interactions; they need to see proper social behavior modeled by the adults around them;
  • in planning for the future, we need to preserve the best from the past and make wise choices in the present.

Middle School Overview

Sacajawea Middle School is a friendly and safe place that provides a challenging academic environment designed to address the needs of 10- to 15-year-olds. Our school supports this diverse, active group of young people with their learning and moving successfully through this important stage of life.

Sacajawea provides students with many opportunities to develop academic skills, acquire fundamental knowledge, determine their interests and special talents, and experience a sense of belonging. We focus on helping students satisfy their need for close relationships with teachers and friends while moving toward greater independence. Here they can learn and develop with the understanding and support of professional and caring educators who recognize and respond to their individual needs.

Academic excellence is the core of the middle school program. The rigorous curriculum is comprised of over sixty courses, elective classes, and workshops. Enthusiastic teachers and motivated students who respect each other’s interests and talents energize classes. Sacajawea’s commitment to the intellectual life and personal development of students manifests itself in a clear understanding of our vision for students at the middle level:

Each SMS student will be able to

  • master a traditional core curriculum;
  • think creatively, analytically, and logically;
  • communicate effectively by listening, speaking, and writing well;
  • work individually and cooperatively;
  • live a productive, caring, and healthy life.

Each SMS student will value and appreciate

  • excellence;
  • doing one’s best in all endeavors;
  • a school environment based upon kindness, fairness, honesty, and truth;
  • being prepared, positive, respectful, and responsible;
  • good sportsmanship and fair play;
  • the traditions of the Bozeman schools, the lifelong support of the extended SMS community, and the responsibilities that accompany a quality public education.